• The parties disputed validity of a premarital agreement, interpretation of the agreement, spousal support, division of substantial jointly-owned assets and fees. Spousal support required determination and consideration of marital standard of living.

  • Pursued a post-trial challenge to trial court’s decision and motion for new trial. Issues included enforcement and interpretation of premarital agreement, transmutation, valuation of real estate holdings and breach of fiduciary duty. Resulted in a second trial on these issues.

  • Enforcement of a premarital agreement, which included a waiver of spousal support. Tracing related to jointly-owned residence and disputed Epstein and Watts issues. Case also involved a misappropriation claim arising from embezzlement by a party employed in the other party’s separate property business. The matter was resolved by trial.

  • Appointed as Judge Pro Tem to determine issues reserved under prior Agreement of the parties. The parties requested a Settlement Conference. Although somewhat protracted, the parties entered into a Stipulation to resolve the reserved issues, which included co-parenting plan, court-ordered counseling, child support, health insurance and non-covered expense provisions, spousal support, attorney fees and various provisions related to future spousal support modification.

  • Mediation with parties and counsel of issues reserved under the previously executed MSA. Issues included matters related to child custody, child support (including add-ons for health care and extracurricular activities), modification of spousal support, security for support, outstanding claims for reimbursement and credits and accounting of post-separation income, attorney fees and costs. Parties entered into a Memorandum of Agreement resolving all issues.

  • Mediation with parties and counsel. Parties had a premarital agreement which included a spousal support waiver, the enforcement of which was contested. Parties had a dispute regarding a transmutation related to a marital agreement. There were also contested personal property issues, allocation of tax liability regarding proposed joint tax return and fees and costs. The parties entered into a Marital Settlement Agreement.