• Apportionment of business interest, and allocation of proceeds from the sale of the business. Also, involved characterization of stock options and deferred compensation benefits. Child and spousal support were disputed; the recipient spouse claimed disability and the other side sought to prove she was able, with good job opportunities. The matter was settled in mediation.

  • Apportionment and characterization of stock options, employee benefit plans, employee stock plan and deferred compensation accounts. The case also involved tracing of funds invested in jointly-acquired assets and commingled investment accounts. The parties reached a Marital Settlement Agreement.

  • Property case involving characterization of literary rights to a book first written before marriage, which was edited and revised during the marriage. Parties disputed apportionment of past and future royalties. The matter was resolved by Stipulation.

  • Characterization and apportionment of retirement accounts; post-retirement spousal support issue. The matter was resolved with a negotiated settlement.