• Community property dispute involving stock purchases during marriage titled solely to one spouse. The case required extensive tracing of premarital and post marital cash and investment accounts. The matter was settled by agreement.

  • Primarily a property case with several tracing issues including: 1) multiple real estate transactions with Family Code 2640 implications; 2) stocks and bonds accumulated over a 30 year period, both before and after marriage; and 3) retirement accounts complicated by conversion of the accounts to a ROTH IRA and allocation of the tax liability between the separate and community estates. The parties reached an agreement following mediation.

  • A complicated tracing case involving multiple accounts at various institutions over long period. Tracing also related to FC2640 claims. The parties reached a negotiated settlement.

  • High value asset case and significant income producing separate property. Complicated tracing of commingled accounts led to resolution of a 2640 claim. Also involved spousal support involving marital standard of living and the reasonable needs of both parties. The parties reached settlement in mediation.