• Mediation of child custody, support, and interim financial issues.

  • Child custody; Child and spousal support with determination of income available; Property division; Retirement.

  • What started as a garden variety support and property division case became a litigated child custody matter involving allegations of substance dependency, alienation of the children, ongoing substance abuse testing and court-ordered treatment.

  • A matter involving child custody, child support, spousal support and fees. The parties had a dispute concerning the enforcement of a premarital agreement relating to property rights and the limits the agreement imposed upon spousal support. The matter resulted in settlement.

  • The parties litigated child custody involving serious safety issues arising from substance abuse. The parties reached a Stipulation which included substance abuse testing and supervised visitation.

  • The parties contested child custody, including a DVO and visitation restrictions. The matter also dealt with business valuation; division of other assets, child support and fees. The matter was litigated with a private judge.

  • Child custody, which included one parent’s move to a foreign country. The matter was resolved by agreement.

  • Child custody dispute, including a move-away. Child support and fees were in issue. The case also involved a dispute over child’s surname. The parties reached a mediated settlement.

  • Matter involved asset division, child and spousal support, but the primary issue was child custody, with allegations of substance abuse and parental unfitness. Dealt with the issue of ongoing substance abuse testing. Contested proceedings.

  • Issues included property division, child and spousal support. The child custody issue related mostly to allegations of parental alienation. Resulted in custody evaluation and therapeutic intervention, and ongoing litigation between the parents.

  • Child custody issues, involving a move-away and substance abuse concerns. Division of property, valuation of professional practice, child support and spousal support. The matter resulted in ongoing contested proceedings.

  • Mediation with parties and counsel concerning modification of joint legal and physical custody. There were accusations of parental misconduct and unfitness. The parties reached an agreement for a modified custody arrangement, psychological assessment of a minor child, co-parent counseling and resolved conflicting fee claims, including compensation of minor’s counsel.

  • Mediation with parties and counsel concerning legal and physical custody, with allegations concerning child safety and welfare, substance abuse, and child. The parties reached a Stipulated Judgment.